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Why the Audi r8 makes a good investment?

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If you are currently looking for the perfect car, one option that deserves your attention is the Audi r8. Although the brand Audi is popular in general, regardless of model, the r8 does stand out in particular. As soon as you start researching the topic, you will find out why this type of car has […]


Reasons to join a freight alliance

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Considering that freight forwarders control 90% of international air shipments, it is obvious that they still paly a dominant role in international trade. Customers rely mainly on the ability of forwarding agents to ensure smooth and delivery to any destination on the globe. They are not only experts in freight related problems, but also logistical […]


Audi A3 TDI club sport Quattro

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The concept Audi A3 TDI club sport Quattro change the exterior of the usual things that we where used to see in Audi cars and has more elements the gives it a more sportive air compare to the A3 version and the two paint colors gives a extravaganza look.


2010 Ford Shelby GT500

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With the launch of the new generation of Ford, the famous “Cobra” has returned. If there are rivals on the planet for the most exotic European sports car from Porsche, Aston Martin or Maserati, they called Ford Shelby and Chevrolet Corvette. The Ford Company presented the 2010 version of Ford Shelby GT500, the most powerful ever build.


2010 Audi S5 Cabrio

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From the summer of 2009 those of you ho have a budget of over 50.000 euros and wish for a super sports convertible car can choose the new Audi S5 Cabrio.
The car is tooled up from Audi with a detachable roof made from fiber textile who clench in 15 seconds between the 320 liters trunk and the second row of chairs. For the standard Audi S5 Cabrio use the same engine V6 gather from the Audi S4 model. The main competition came from BMW 3 series Cabrio, Infiniti G37 Cabrio and Lexus IS 250C.


Audi TTS 2008

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First presented in Detroit, January 2008 at North American International Auto Show and defined as a winning combination of smooth power and eye-catching sporty style, Audi TTS is a top-line sports car designed for the young and most dynamic segments of Audi’s target buyers.


Audi R8 2008

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One of the hottest near-exotic sports cars on the market, the brand-new Audi R8 is the pinnacle of its brand, a winning combination of aggressive racing style with perfect maneuverability, comfort and performance, designed to compete iconic sports cars that cost more than its double base price.