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Can the 2018 Ford Explorer be the best SUV for you?

Posted by Tom Yourshaw under Ford

  An exciting release in the following year is the Ford Explorer SUV – a three-row midsize vehicle with an attractive look. If you are someone who prefers Ford’s vehicles, then you should check out this new release. Edmunds says that the Ford Explorer gets most things right, at the same time being a respectable […]


When and why you should invest in the new Ford Fiesta

Posted by Tom Yourshaw under Ford

Finding a car that raises your expectations’ can be somehow difficult, especially if it is the first time when you make such choice. But, according to studies, a type of vehicle which has increased its popularity a lot in the last period is the 2017 Ford Fiesta. In case you are not sure if this […]


The Motability Car Scheme

Posted by Steve Underwood under Ford

Having a car offers you freedom and independence, especially if you are a person with disabilities who has do depend on others when you want to travel somewhere. Thanks to the Motability car scheme and to Ford, a reliable car manufacturer, you will be able to enjoy a car that is designed to meet your needs as a person with mobility impairments.


Restoring Your Old Mustang

Posted by Tom Yourshaw under Ford

Mustang restoration is something that every car lover should be able to do on their own, but they will need help along the way to get the right parts and the right tools. The best way for someone to enjoy their restoration project is to have all the right parts and tools for the job. […]


2010 Ford Mustang

Posted by Tom Yourshaw under Ford

     The new 2010 Ford Mustang has a brand new exterior design, interior in high teak generation, the most advance technology and a stronger and imposer V8 engine. All the elements mentioned above are combined whit a better handling, more safety systems and holding the reputation of muscle-car american.
     The clients have the opportunity to choose from a V6 engine ore V8 one, also convertible or equipped whit a glass roof.


2010 Ford Shelby GT500

Posted by Tom Yourshaw under Audi, Ford

With the launch of the new generation of Ford, the famous “Cobra” has returned. If there are rivals on the planet for the most exotic European sports car from Porsche, Aston Martin or Maserati, they called Ford Shelby and Chevrolet Corvette. The Ford Company presented the 2010 version of Ford Shelby GT500, the most powerful ever build.


Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

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The most popular and best sells ever on the market, the American pick-up Ford F-150, is now showing us a version that will trill the amateurs in car racing. Of course we speak about F-150 SVT Raptor, the car created by Ford and their division of special vehicles SVT.


2009 Ford Fiesta ST500

Posted by Tom Yourshaw under Ford

For 2009 Ford launches the sport compact Fiesta ST 500, equipped with a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinders, 150 horsepower engine and designed to be an affordable and bold aerodynamic racing breed sports car, to the European market.

Equipped with power/weight-saving Ford technology and upgraded stiffened lower sports suspensions, short shift gearbox, sports tuned steering, 2009 ST 500 already promises an interesting drive to Ford passionate drivers worldwide.


2009 Ford Focus RS

Posted by Tom Yourshaw under Ford

First presented in London, July 2008, the 2009 Ford Focus RS prototype is the product of WRC Europe, rally car team’s work and is a strong sport compact designed to bring Ford back into the hyper-hatch market along the rival Subaru.
Ford’s engineering team introduced many chassis innovations, advanced technological front wheel drive system and limited slip differential in their attempt to create a car with optimal driving dynamic, on road performance in order to satisfy the exigencies of sports cars enthusiasts and meet their high standards.


2009 Ford Mustang GT

Posted by Tom Yourshaw under Ford

Ford Mustang, stands, ever since 1964 as an icon for the American best sports car ever built, and also for the highest automobile sales success of all times. Bold style, rear-wheel-drive excitement, five stars out of five in governmental frontal crash test ratings, and a 300 horsepower engine, combined with an upgraded retro look, 2009 Ford Mustang GT promises thrilling experiences for the Mustang enthusiasts and raises high expectations.