Shipping a car abroad – useful tips

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In certain situations, driving a car abroad might not be possible, so opting for the shipping alternative is the only reliable solution you have. Although this option can be beneficial from several points of view, there are a few things you need to be aware of on the topic, in order for your car shipment to run smoothly and for your requirements to be met. By having the most important guidelines in mind and understanding the implications of a car shipment, facing any unpleasantness is less likely to happen. So here’ what you have to know:

Research car shippers

Start by doing a bit of research and finding out what your options are. Just by searching on the web, you will find numerous shippers that are ready to offer you this type of service. However, going for the first option you come across is not exactly recommended, considering some companies might be less reliable than others. Having a few selection criteria can make a big difference. Start with finding out if the shipper has a license, this being the most important factor for your choice. Details such as experience, insurance, flexibility and responsiveness can also be relevant. A good car shipper, such as White’s Vehicle Transport, will be able to provide you with the information you request and will value responsiveness and good communication with its clients. 

Request a quote

If you are afraid shipping your car abroad might cost you more money than you can actually afford spending, and you don’t want to deal with any financial problems, you should always request a quote before herring the services of a company or another. Some vehicle transportation firms give you the chance to calculate the amount of money you will be charged with even online, on their website, and if not, you can always contact the customer service department and request a quote and compare fees from various shippers. Knowing right from the start just how much you will need to spend on vehicle shipping can make a difference in your decision, so to be properly prepared, make sure to not skip this step.

Vehicle inspection

Because there is always even the slightest risk for the vehicle to face damages during the shipment, having paperwork that show in what condition you have handed the car to the shippers is necessary. Take your vehicle for a thorough inspection, request condition reports and take a few photographs just to be prepared for potential incidents.

Check the fleet

Before leaving your car in the hands of the shippers, make sure you have thoroughly analyzed their fleet. Do the vehicles seem to be transported in safe and reliable conditions? Are there any red flags that should cause you concerns? Checking the company’s fleet in advance is highly important.

Whether you need to take a classic to an international car show, or you are moving to a foreign country and don’t want to drive your car that long, choosing a shipping service can be the right decision to make. However, to avoid potential inconveniences, and to handle this task perfectly, without facing unpleasant surprises, known a few tips on the subject might be helpful.

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