When you’re in the market for a utility task vehicle, also known as a UTV, you probably already know how much you want to or can afford to spend on one. Before checking with a dealer, you might check online to see what models and brands will fit your budget. This helps you narrow down your choice and ensures that you don’t wind up looking at models that cost more than you can spend. Before visiting dealers in person, you’ll want to find out what things to look for when taking a UTV for a test drive.

Terrain Power

Some dealers have test centers that let you see how a model like the Can Am Maverick handles on different surfaces and terrains. You might hear dealers call this a test course. The dealer or sales rep will ask for a copy of your license and then let you get behind the wheel either on your own or with the rep in the vehicle with you. You can then see how the UTV handles on paved roads, dusty trails and other types of terrains to see if it can keep up with the terrain you will drive it on later.

Overall Comfort

As a UTV is smaller than a standard vehicle, you shouldn’t expect to have as much space inside as you have in your own car. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel comfortable though. The UTV should have enough space that you don’t feel cramped and enough extra space to accommodate all the people that you take on rides. Don’t forget about head and leg room too. The UTV must be tall enough that your head doesn’t rub against the roof or roll cage and still provide space for your legs.

Engine Sounds

Some shoppers think they only need to worry about engine sounds when buying used, but you should consider those noises when buying a new model too. A loud revving sound coming from a new model can indicate that it takes more horsepower to reach its top speed and that it struggles to get up to that speed. Loud noises on a used model can indicate problems with the motor itself. You’ll need to make repairs or replace some parts soon after bringing that model home. Loud noises can also interfere with the comfort you feel when driving that UTV too.

Top Speed

When buying a new car, you might want to know how quickly it can go from zero to 60 miles per hour. This gives you an idea of how quickly it will come up to top speed when you get on the highway. You should look at a similar rating as you compare utility vehicles. The amount of time it takes to come up to its top speed lets you know how quickly you can escape any hazards you encounter in the wild like bears and also lets you know which models are more suited for racing.

Some buyers purchase utility vehicles without going on a single test drive, but those buyers risk purchasing a model that cannot keep up with their demands. As you test drive any new or used models, think about things like your overall comfort and how well it drives across different types of terrain.

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